Episcopal Diocese of Missouri

The Archives is the repository for all the official and historical records of the Diocese. Our collection includes a library, extensive document and photograph collections, parish registers and a growing collection of three-dimensional items from our closed churches. The 6th floor of Bishop Tuttle Memorial is home to the Archives. What was originally space designed for three 2-room apartments for unmarried Cathedral clergy at the time the building was constructed, now provides space for our Library with room for reading and research, and for our growing collection of materials on clergy, Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Parochial Trust Fund and COEDMO, congregations, committees, commissions, task forces, organizations and institutions, and the records of our bishops. The Archives of Christ Church Cathedral also have a room reserved for their collections.

Bishop Tuttle Memorial Museum, 1210 Locust St.
St. Louis MO 63103

Phone: 314-231-1220 ext 1375


Email: srehkopf@diocesemo.org

Contact Name: Sue Rehkopf, Diocesan Archivist

Website: http://www.diocesemo.org/ministries/diocesan/communications/diocesan-archives/

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