First Unitarian Church of St. Louis

Besides the University, ministers and members of this church have been instrumental in the founding of many other institutions, including the St. Louis Public Schools, the Art Museum, Mission Free School, South Side Day Nursery, Social Health Association, Mary Institute, and the St. Louis Urban League. First Unitarian Church maintains an Archive, available by appointment only. We collect all materials related to Unitarianism in the St. Louis area and specifically to the Church of the Messiah, the Church of the Unity, and First Unitarian Church of St Louis. Some of the more important record groups include American Unitarian Directors and Associate Directors, (1917-1961); Unitarian Universalist Directors and Associate Directors, (1961- ): Weekly Bulletins, (1904- ); minutes of the Board of Trustees, membership books, and records of births, deaths, and marriages, (1835- ); ministerial correspondence and sermons; architectural plans and photos: records of organizations within the churches; and Mission Free School records and history.

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