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General historical collection for St. Louis, Missouri, and Louisiana Territory, from French settlements to present. Collection includes government records, family papers, correspondence, business journals, and corporate records. MAJOR COLLECTIONS: St. Louis Archives, (1764-1804), 18 boxes. French and Spanish Colonial Archives; St. Louis Court House Papers, (1801-1967), 15 boxes; New Madrid Archives, (1791-1910), 11 boxes. Original papers from New Madrid County Court; St. Genevieve County Archives, (1761-1854), 7 boxes; St. Charles County Archives, (1779-1806), 3 boxes; Washington County Court Collection, (1788-1954), 7 boxes. Court records; St. Louis City Records, (1835-1965); Missouri Tax Lists, (1805-1863), 35 volumes; Archives of the Indies, (1766-1805), 10 boxes. Copies of Spanish Colonial Records; Chouteau Collection, (1752-1910), 60 boxes. Family papers; business and personal correspondence; fur trade; Clark Family Papers, (1766-1902), 17 boxes. William Clark papers, including journals of expedition; Meriwether Lewis Papers, (1777-1954), 2 boxes. Correspondence and journals; Thomas Jefferson Papers, (1763-1826), 5 boxes; William Ashley Papers, (1811-1868) 1 box. Rocky Mountain Fur Co.; Sara Teasdale Papers, (1905-1956), 3 boxes. Correspondence, manuscripts, diaries. Louisiana Purchase Exposition Papers, (1898-1918), 28 boxes. Official Records of the St. Louis World's Fair, 1904. Potter's Wheel Collection, (1904-1908), 3 boxes. Original manuscript journal compiled by St. Louis women writers and artists; Richard Graham Papers, (1795-1938), 12 boxes. Correspondence; military and Indian Agency records; Ludlow-Field-Maury Papers, (1784-1949), 17 boxes. St. Louis Theater; Dexter P. Tiffany Collection, (1808-1902), 78 boxes. St. Louis County Court Records; Kate Chopin Papers, (1860-1902), 2 boxes. Journals, correspondence, account books; Fannie Cook Collection, (1874-1949), 30 boxes. Correspondence, literary manuscripts, and papers concerning her work with the sharecroppers, and the St. Louis Race Relations Commission; William Sublette Papers, (1819-1905), 7 boxes. Rocky Mountain fur trade; Charles Gratiot Papers, (1769-1933), 3 boxes. Letter books, account books, correspondence concerning early fur trade in St. Louis; William Torrey Harris Collection, (1855-1951), 13 boxes. Correspondence; journals; manuscripts; and material regarding the philosophers of the St. Louis Movement; Public education and the Kindergarten Movement, correspondence with Susan Blow, Elizabeth Peabody, and Laura Fisher; Emil Frei Papers, (1860-1959), 30 cu. ft. Job files of stained-glass artist; George Kessler Papers, (1893-1923), 16 boxes. Correspondence, business papers of prominent urban landscape artist who designed Forest Park; David R. Francis Papers, (1832-1936), 56 boxes. Personal papers concerning Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co., and his tenure as Ambassador to Russia (1916-1918); Charles A. Lindbergh Papers, (1827-1969), 114 boxes. Correspondence, log books, diaries, and literary manuscripts of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. (Restricted).

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