Missouri Pacific Historical Society

A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history and technical knowledge of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and its predecessors. MAJOR COLLECTIONS: Annual Reports of the St. Louis and Iron Mountain RR Co., 1856; and the New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway. Co., 1925; MPRR Operating Dept. File re: Interlocking Plant, Gorham, Ill, 1929-1968; C&EI RR Diagram book of Passenger Car Equipment, 1949; Accident File: Derailment at Bennett, TX, 1979; Correspondence, Little Rock Junction Rwy., 1885-1921; Train Discontinuance File, numbers 510 & 519, Atchison to Downs, KS, 1954-1960; MP Lines Magazine, complete year, 1950; Missouri Pacific Lines System Handbook, 1925.

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