Presbyterian Church in America Historical Center

The Historical Center is the official repository for all non-current denominational and local church records of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The Center also maintains records of four earlier denominations: Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES), (1965-1982); Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod (RPCES), (1833-1965); Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), (1956-1965); and Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), (1938-1956), as well as the papers of some fifty individuals active in the above denominations. MAJOR COLLECTIONS: Dr. J. Oliver Buswell Papers, (1920's-1970's), 21 cu. ft. Extensive business and personal correspondence of leader in conservative Presbyterianism as well as six cassette audiotapes of interviews; Dr. Peter Stam Papers, (1920's-1960's), 5 cu. ft. Portions of correspondence from leadership positions in BPC, RPCES, and Covenant College; Dr. G. Aiken Taylor Papers, (1940's-1980's), 6 cu. ft. Former missionary and editor of the controversial Presbyterian Journal; James and Pauline McAlpine Papers, (1920's-1983), 12 cu. ft.Long-time president of missionaries to Japan; Dr. R. Laird Harris Papers, (1940's-1970's), 12 cu. ft. Editor of recent translation of New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. Holdings include personal correspondence and extensive drafts and proofs for NIV; World Presbyterian Missions (RPCES), (1965-1982), 18 cu. ft; National Presbyterian Missions (RPCES), (1965-1982), 13 cu. ft; Stated Clerk of General Synod (RPCES), (1965-1982), 6 cu. ft.; Stated Clerk of General Assembly (PCA), (1973-1981), 100 cu. ft.; Christian Education and Publications (PCA), (1973-1981), 71 cu.ft.; Mission to North America (PCA), (1973-1981), 11 cu. ft.; Council on Administration (PCA), (1973-1981), 37 cu. ft.

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