State Historical Society of Missouri, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Contains manuscripts relating to St.Louis and Missouri history, with strengths in the fields of African-American history, the environment, education,immigration, journalism, labor, politics, social reform and women's history. Also includes extensive photograph and oral history collections. UM-St. Louis Black History Project Collection, 1911-1983. Witman, Arthur, (1902- ), 1930s-1970s, Post-Dispatch news photographer, 1932-1969. League of Women Voters of Missouri Records, 1911-1976. St. Louis Labor Tribune , Records, 1918-1987. Sierra Club, Ozark Chapter (1971- ), Records, 1956-1977. Hecker, Friedrich (1811-1881), Papers, 1825-1986, Civil War Commander. Dooley, Thomas A. (1927-1961) Papers, 1932-1986, physician, naval officer, humanitarian, best-selling author. Perkins, Marlin, Papers, 1905-1986, former director of St. Louis Zoo. Snow, Thad (1881-1955), Papers, 1921-1954, Charleston, Missouri planter, author, and reformer. Socialist Party of St. Louis and Missouri, Records, 1909-1964. Theodore Lentz, (1926-1983), Papers, 1926-1983, Peace researcher. Drey, Kay (1933- ), Papers, 1965-1989, protesting the Calloway Nuclear plant. Broeg, Bob (1918- ), Papers, 1974-1986, Sports writer and editor for the Post-Dispatch, 1946-1985. Planned Parenthood Association of St. Louis (1932- ), Records, 1930-1975. Committee for Environmental Information, 1956-1977. Preisler, Paul William (1902-1971), Papers, 1902-1971, Biochemist, lawyer, and labor leader.

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Categories: Political, Environmental, Local History