St. Louis Mercantile Library - University of Missouri-St. Louis

The Mercantile Library possesses broad primary and secondary research collections of material related to various American studies subjects. Some subjects-particularly Western Americana, have been collected in extensive depth. The collection also contains broadly developed subjects related to the general humanities-especially history, world travel, and exploration-the social sciences, and the history of the natural sciences and the history of technology. COLLECTIONS INCLUDE: St. Louis, MO. and American history collections;Early Missouri and Illinois newspapers (1817-1900); Early manuscripts dealing with the settling of St. Louis and with American exploration; Early science and alchemy collection from the 1500's; 19th century illustrated books, maps, and atlases; Records of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association, a cultural institution spanning 150 years of service; Agricultural History; Prints, Historic Maps, Literary, Bibliographical, Fine Printing studies.

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Contact Name: Charles Brown, Reference Services, St. Louis Subject Specialist


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