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Financial subjects and St. Louis city history with its role in westward expansion and the Civil War are depicted in the pictorial collections and in early A.G. Edwards' records. ---- MAJOR COLLECTIONS: Engravings, lithographs, and photographs: ca. 600 images of St. Louis city events, including architectural renderings, (1850-l983); ca. 100 images of Civil War in Missouri (1861-1865); ca. 150 of Westward Expansion, 1845-1900), ca. 200 of steamboats and life on the Mississippi, (1845-1900); and ca. 20 of Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange, (1850-1900). Maps, ca. 150, (1720-1900), including a Matthew Seutter map of Louisiana Purchase territory and maps of Missouri and St. Louis. Posters, ca. 500 of World War I Liberty Bonds and vintage European and American, (1895-1980). Political cartoons, ca. 30, (1872-1886). A.G. Edwards documents'. ca. 100 entries of correspondence and agreements, a very incomplete set, (1887-1933).

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