Modern Graphic History Library, Department of Special Collections, Washington University Libraries

Focusing on artists' working materials and sketches as well as finished artworks, the range of the Modern Graphic History Library collection extends from book, magazine, and advertising illustration to graphic novels, comics, poster design, pictorial information design, and animation. The collection is comprised of original art and printed material from many fields of popular American pictorial graphic culture, with our main focus on 20th century periodical illustration and comic art. Al Parker Collection. Correspondence, photographs, and artwork from the well-known illustrator. Trova Family Collection. Correspondence, photographs, models, molds, and artwork from the local fine artist. Charles Craver Collection of 20th Century tear sheets. Personal papers and artwork of noted illustrators Robert Weaver, Robert Andrew Parker, Cliff Condak, and Jack Unruh.

Campus Box 1061; One Brookings Drive
St. Louis MO 63130-4899

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Contact Name: Skye Lacerte, Curator and Alexis Peregoy, Project Archivist


Categories: Art, Educational