Gateway to Archival Internships Network (GAIN)

The Gateway to Archival Internships Network (GAIN) is a service offered through the Association of St. Louis Area Archivists (ASLAA) to alert students to internship, practicum, volunteer, and networking opportunities at archival and cultural institutions in the St. Louis area. The GAIN Directory contains participating institutions that briefly describes the types of projects and collections that each facility offers and who to contact for more information.The directory is updated annually and distributed to career centers and library/archives programs at colleges and universities to highlight archival institutions in the St. Louis area with professional development opportunities for students.

The archives field is not limited to those interested in history. Archivists come from a wide variety of backgrounds: pre-law, pre-med, the arts, journalism, anthropology, and religious studies – you name it! We encourage students to learn to appreciate the age of information in a new light and give them transferable skills to a multitude of career paths. Possible experiences may include digitization, social media planning and implementation, research and writing, or organizing and preserving records.

GAIN Directory

Contact ASLAA for more information on the GAIN program and directory.